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The Word Man

Words are powerful tools. They bring about feelings and results. They make history. They have a lasting effect. They can remain hundreds or even thousands of years after you are gone. Words are eternal. Once they are spoken they can't be unspoken. What's done is done when it comes down to it. You can try to fix it with new words, but the old words will forever remain. The Destroyer!!!!!! That was my nickname for myself at one point in my life. When I discovered the power of words some years ago, I tended to use them as tools of destruction. Not with the intent of malice or ill will, but as a tool of defense. My words were a way of letting people know exactly how I felt at that moment in time. I had no regard for the circumstances, or any other variable and that's what made my words capable of destruction. I flat out didn't care! Some people to this day are still recovering from things that I've said to them, others have recovered, and the rest have chosen to stay away completely. I have learned to not use my words in such a way anymore. I am no longer the destroyer. The Healer!!!!!!! I guess in a way after causing so much destruction, I subconsciously needed to right my wrongs and rebuild the fallen structures that I have destroyed and use the power of words for good. Therefore, I revisited my demolition sites and began rebuilding them. Apologies, explanations, responsibility for my actions, consideration, and other forms of words were woven together strong enough to create new foundations for these structures to stand on. Although the destruction still left scars and marks on the new formation that had come to be, they weren't enough to overcome the beauty of the new structure. The Truth!!!!!!!!!!! The truth and the destroyer are twins with a twist. The truth tends to remodel rather than to tear down. It is a strong lover and wants to encourage improvement through honesty. A vast difference between his brother and he is that he takes everything into account, then delivers an honest and real observation. He also makes sure he has permission before doing so because he knows that he can truly hurt sometimes. Most of the time, truth does an excellent job of remodeling. The project may be grueling and take months or even years to finish, but in the end the new results are astonishing. I have played each one of these parts in my life. These are the names I gave myself because of the way I used my words. Today I have a new name. I have been this name for a while and I love this one the most. I wouldn't mind staying here for the rest of my life. The Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an artist of words. I form and craft my words to generate meaning beyond normal understanding that penetrates the mind and forces one to actually think. The best part about being the artist is that I am free. He is the most balanced of all the names and has the ability to use and combine each name to form endless possibilities. In short, he, not me as a person, is almost perfect. He is everything. He can make you love him, hate him, forgive him, do for him, and most importantly trust him. The artist's work will always speak to his observers and listeners He must always keep in mind through his work, his true self will always show through. I am an excellent artist of truth and understanding. It is the style I find myself using the most. Choose your words wisely


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