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The Little Red Notebook

Do you ever get that feeling of nostalgia when you look at what used to be your favorite shirt or your favorite toy you had when you were kid. Have you ever gone through any of your little journals and diaries from when you were child and laughed at how dramatic you were because you were assigned math homework and didn’t know how to do long division or multiplication tables? The joy I had in finding my little red notebook that I carried with me everywhere that listed the soundtrack to my life that I can’t believe I forgot about all these years later. It contained all of my favorite songs that I heard in the backseat of my mom’s minivan and all of the songs that I swore I could “out-sing” the original singer. Going through it, page by page and looking up the music videos to these songs brought me back to all the memories of thinking I was going to be a rockstar or all the dreams I had of what life would be like once I got older. Especially when I’m down and beside myself, that little hint of nostalgia gives me so much joy and for me it reminds me why I loved these songs so much as a little kid. Life gets stressful and time to ourselves definitely gets away from us as we try to make it through the day and then through a work week so we can sit back and relax and enjoy our little 48 hours that we call a weekend. I never really thought of how fast time goes by and how fast the seasons can change but giving in to that little kid who thought she was a rockstar stopped me from feeling bad about how stagnant life may seem at the moment. As a reminder to yourself whenever you get the sense of being lost and not know what it is you’re doing and where you’re going, play the songs you treasured as a kid, revisit those memories and just know that hard times don’t last forever.

With Love and Positivity,

FME Podcast

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