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Challenges & Resolutions

We are currently 4 months away from 2022. How do you feel? I don't know how anyone else's resolutions are going but I'm going to be honest, I cannot even remember where I wrote them down and what all I even had on the list. But I wanted to mention the 4 months away bit because this is usually where I know I get down on my luck but others do too, because I feel that we get wrapped up into us not doing enough, not living enough, not experiencing enough. Why do we constantly put deadlines on ourselves when things happen out of our control? I understand working hard and setting goals and accomplishments but what do we do when we get that pesky little voice in our heads telling us our work has become taxing, when we lose interest in our passions, when we hit a funk and can't get out? How do we brush our shoulders off and continue the work?

We keep the reasons in the back of our mind as motivation to continue.

The pesky voice is doubt. Doubt trying to stop you from reaching for your goals and experiencing life under the disguise of harsh reality. Trying to instill fear and insecurity when we know we are more than capable. We make and shape our world and we decide what we can and can't do and how we live. So with that being said, if you haven't reached your goals, your resolutions, your wants before the new year...Go for them now. What's stopping you? We are 4 months away, who says you can't?

And a reminder to everyone, be kind to yourself. Not everything is going to line up the way you want it and some things are really out of our control so give yourself grace and start over if you need to but do not harp over something that is out of your hands.

So I challenge you to silence that voice of doubt and start crossing those resolutions off your list.

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