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Bar Crawl Fail…With your parents

You know what I love the most, is that as I get older, my parents and I have become so close to the point that they know every weekend, I will be at their house and every Friday, I will be having Happy Hour at their house. But this one weekend in particular, we did a bar crawl and not just any bar crawl we did a 90s-2000s Hip Hop and R & B Bar Crawl in DC. So, to set the scene, after waiting for them to put on their best fit, we were in traffic for about an hour then came the chaos of driving into the city and onto every avenue and state street there was. We were able to get valet parking in an alleyway and pay the $20 parking fee and walked into the first club on the list. Now I do not know what to order at any bar or club, but a Vodka Tonic was my designated drink for the night to the point where for the 4 clubs we went to, I had a drink and I had my trusted 2-step. There’s nothing like yelling out “this is my song” surrounded by people 20 plus my senior and them all looking at me as if I should not be in attendance but I think I proved myself when I knew all the words. At each club there was a different DJ doing either best features of the 90s or focusing strictly on hip hop but there was also a club that focused on Bad Boy Entertainment; however, we didn’t get the chance to see every club because it poured down raining and we were trapped under a store’s gazebo watching everyone run for cover. So many people tried to outrun the rain and for once I was glad, I did not wear any sandals and have my toes out because the water had practically flooded on the sidewalk and on any type of pedestrian walking area. So, we had to stretch and prepare for practically an Olympic record-breaking long jump over the curb and somehow, we needed to land in the middle of the street. Did my parents encourage me as I practiced my jump…they did not, not one bit. Did I land the jump? Not one bit. I blame the liquor courage. With my sweat-out edges and all of our rain-soaked clothes, we made it to our last club and then left swiftly before the rain started up again. While it did rain on us and made us cut the bar crawl short, it did give us some funny memories to keep talking about and I enjoyed seeing my parents have fun and laugh at themselves. In a long-drawn-out way, I want to tell you guys to make the most out of any situation but also find the time to let loose and laugh at yourself every once in a while. Who knows, maybe it will be this funny story that you can look back on as it will be for my parents and I.

With love and positivity,

FME Podcast

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